How to Get Rid of Sweaty Armpits Forever?

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How to Get Rid of Sweaty Armpits Forever?

There are people who tend to be sweatier as compared to others. Don’t worry about that. There are tonnes of remedies which you can take into consideration and this problem will be sorted out forever.

Sweaty armpits look extremely repulsive when you are in public. Your underarms are all wet when you are talking to someone. It’s even worse if you are a person who is sweaty and smelly at the same time. The smell bit can be sorted out easily through underarm rollers, talcum powders, deodorants and perfumes but the sweating bit cannot be compromised.

Let’s see how you can get rid of this problem once and for all.



An expensive, yet permanent way, to get rid of sweaty armpits is Botox. It is a simple injection which is mostly used by women at old age to help them get rid of their wrinkles in order to look young. Your face muscles, in that case, are paralyzed and then they recover accordingly. In the case of sweaty armpits, a single injection right under your arms is going to remove this problem once and for all.

Eating Iodine Rich Food


Less people know this but deficiency of iodine may lead to a lot of sweat. Iodine serves as the main element to stop you from sweating. So in case you believe you are sweating more than an average person, perhaps it’s time for you to start eating iodine. What exactly is iodine rich food you may ask? Fish, eggs and salts. Increase the intake of these three things in your daily routine and your sweaty armpits will be gone forever.

Using Deodorants and Underarms


Some people have the misconceptions that marketers only ‘say’ that these underarms and deodorants are going to work against sweaty armpits but they actually don’t. This type of thinking is negative and absolutely wrong. If you have sweaty armpits, you should definitely start using deodorants and underarms. They will not only aid you in avoiding the stains; in fact, you will start smelling good as well.

Start Washing Yourself More

wash hands

If you have not been taking a bath, there is a high possibility that you might sweat more than usual people. Why? It’s because your body temperature tends to rise during the day time and if you haven’t taken a cold shower/bath, your body is definitely going to smell bad and start sweating. So, start showering not only to build a good hygiene but also to help yourself get rid of this problem.

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