Clients Reviews

I have been having migraine trouble for years now and at times life seemed to be too difficult. However, after getting a Botox treatment in Dubai, I can surely say that the pain is gone and life has become easier. I am surely going to get more of these treatments in future from Dubai Cosmetic Surgery.



I’m not young but do not like the wrinkles on my face. A friend told me about availability of Botox at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery and the treatments they offered were amazing. I now look several years younger with just a single treatment. Totally happy!



A simple visit to Dubai Cosmetic Surgery changed my life. My hands were always wet with excessive sweat and my career in sales was being affected due to this. With the Botox treatment I got, my hands are no longer overly perspiring.



My granddaughter got me an appointment for a Botox treatment with Dubai Cosmetic Surgery for my 75th birthday. I was not aware of any one offering Botox in Dubai. Now my wrinkles are almost gone and my younger look makes me feel better about myself.



A simple Botox treatment helped me get rid of chronic migraine. My life is now at peace thanks to Botox and Dubai Cosmetic Surgery.



I have misaligned eyes for which I was recommended to get a Botox treatment. I look much better after my first treatment from Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, the best place for Botox in Dubai. I would highly recommend these people.



I got crow’s feet by the time I hit 50. Recently when I moved to UAE, I got a Botox treatment in Dubai on the recommendation of a friend. The problem is a thing of the past and I intend to stick to the treatment in future as well.



I have been getting Botox treatments in Dubai for several years now to treatment the wrinkles at my face and neck. I now look much younger than what I looked like five years ago. I get my treatment from Dubai Cosmetic Surgery and would recommend others to use their services as well.


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