Cost of Botox per Unit in Dubai

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Cost of Botox per Unit in Dubai

Botox is quite a popular non-surgical treatment that is used for various purposes. Recently it was found that doctors have given it the green light to treat not only headaches but also migraine. However, it is still not advised by several dermatologists around the globe.

There are quite a lot of benefits of this injection but there are side effects as well. Therefore, it is advised that whenever you want to opt for a Botox treatment, you first consult the doctor and also ask about the cost of Botox per unit.

For now Botox is known to stop sweating, headaches, face wrinkles and eye problems and the cost of the treatment is quite a lot.

How much does Botox Cost?

Botox for migraine

 There is a lot of wide range when it comes to Botox treatment as it mostly depends on what type of a treatment you are opting for. The prices of injections that you have to apply range between £100 and £350.

All clinics around the globe charge on the basis of ‘per area’. Which means that the amount of areas that you are applying to directly have an impact on the total cost of your injections.

For instance, the cost for eyes, head and armpits will be accumulated in the end as all three areas will be charged separately.

Amount of Units Required for Treatment


So this might be your next question: “How many units of Botox do we need for the treatment?”

Different treatments have different requirements. Once again, you have to ask your doctor or dermatologist so he/she can help you through the process. There are some treatments on the face and neck which will require more units, while other areas might require relatively fewer injections.

Let’s take a look at different areas and the amount of units needed for their treatment:

Glabella Area: This is the area between your inner brows. The treatment here required 20-30 units.

Crow’s Feet: This is the area on the outer part of your eyes and it requires more than 10 and less than 15 units.

Frown Lines on the Forehead: This area is going to need at least 10-20 units of Botox, depending upon the amount of treatment that you need in order to recover from the problem.

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