Botox Injection Cost in Dubai

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Cosmetic procedures tend to be out of pocket, this is the reason mostly people opt for relatively less effective DIY at home natural remedies to look fresh and young. Botox treatment is also one of those costly cosmetic procedures.

What is Botox?

Botox is a brand name for the Botulinum toxin Type A, a drug widely used in Aesthetic Medicine for cosmetic purposes. It is most commonly used to reduce or eliminate wrinkles and expression lines from face by relaxing facial muscles. It has also been approved by FDA (Food and Drug Association) to treat excessive sweating, migraines and few other non-cosmetic conditions.

Cost of Botox in Dubai?

If you are planning a procedure and want to have a fair idea of how much the procedure would cost, then get ready to hear answers like “it depends on the patient,” or “$18 per unit, and we won’t know how many until we examine you.”

Botox Injection cost in Dubai varies considerably from place to place. You may also find a significant difference in the rate of two different healthcare providers. This is because these anti-wrinkle injections are priced two different ways

  1. By the vial or unit, ($9 to $20 per unit)
  2. By the area, ($250 to $500 for an area)
  • Avail Our Special offer of AED 150 per Injection

The decision to use a given number of units or the area that needs treatment depends mainly on the discretion of your healthcare provider. Some places have a required minimum purchase (minimum 50 units, for example) so the two pricing practices are hard to compare. Some cosmetic healthcare providers also charge a consultation fee, which is usually waived of if the patient chooses to proceed with the treatment, but charged otherwise. Junior employees and nurse practitioners also administer the injection for a lesser rate, but that could be a huge risk. Botox treatment must be done in the presence of a trained, certified professional.

Number of Treatments

                 User dependent

Anesthesia Used


Time duration of Procedure

5 minutes – 10-15 minutes

Recovery Period


Selecting a Dermatologist

It is strongly recommended to get Botox injection from a highly skilled dermatologist or cosmetic plastic surgeon who has comprehensive knowledge of facial anatomy and a vast experience of injecting Botox. Some spas and beauty salons also offer Botox treatment, but remember these facilities not meant for such treatments. Botox treatment should only be done by physician who is actively certified in dermatology or cosmetic plastic surgery. Also make sure that your practitioner has an extensive experience of injecting botulinum toxin, experience of over 5 years is best. Botox in Dubai offers all these services and answers all the questions which have been listed below.

Questions to be asked from your practitioner

Following are some questions that you must ask your practitioner before finalizing an appointment for Botox treatment.

      • How long have you been administering Botox Cosmetic treatments?
      • How many procedures have you performed?
      • Can you give me references or do you have any patient testimonials?
      • How long must I wait for an appointment?
      • What is your success ratio in dealing conditions similar to mine?
      • “Is there a consultation fee?” or “Are any other fees necessary?” or “Is that the total charge?

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