Get Rid of Fine lines and Wrinkles on Face

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Get Rid of Fine lines and Wrinkles on Face

Nobody wants wrinkles, but unfortunately everyone gets them. Facial wrinkles are annoying to both men and women, and what is more annoying is not being able to find the right remedy to eliminate fine lines around the face, mouth, eyes & forehead. Facial lines or rhytydes are one of the most common reasons why women always rush to the cosmetic counter as soon as they enter a departmental store, or why they are always seen visiting a dermatologist.

If you really want to avoid wrinkles even during your 40s, early prevention is the name of the game. Though wrinkling is an inevitable part of aging process, through very small changes to your lifestyle you can at least delay the aging process for a few more years. Before discussing the treatment options available for eliminating wrinkles and facial lines, let’s first find out what causes facial lines and creases. Many people associate wrinkling with genes and old age, but a recent research has proven that only 20 percent of wrinkles are genetic, while rest of the 80 percent are environmental. Other factors causing creases and folds on face and around the neck include:

  • Frequent muscle movement (such as scowling or squinting constantly)
  • Sun damage (going out without wearing sunscreen)
  • Gravity (the downward pull of earth which is believed to cause saggy skin)
  • Injury (causing prominent big scar)
  • Surgery (any elective or enforced facial surgery)
  • Acne (who does not know the adverse effects of acne)
  • Smoking (probably the biggest culprit of all, after sun damage)

By paying a little extra attention to your skin, and avoiding the above mentioned factors you can maintain the smoothness and freshness of skin for a few more years than your friends and colleagues.

That said, if you have already developed wrinkles and are seeking an effective anti-ageing treatment that offers instant yet lasting results, then Botox may be the right choice for you. Botox is a neurotoxin that is injected directly into the muscles underneath dermis, causing wrinkles. The toxin blocks the muscle movement by temporarily paralyzing the injected muscle. This relaxes the muscle and makes wrinkles and fine lines less visible.

You do not need any special pre-treatment preparation. All that you need to do is, be very careful when selecting a doctor for Botox treatment. The effectiveness of treatment depends a lot on the expertise of the physician performing the procedure. Make sure that the dermatologist or cosmetic plastic surgeon that you choose is board certified with more than five-year experience injecting Botox.

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