Gastroparesis: A Stomach Botox For Losing Fat

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Gastroparesis: A Stomach Botox For Losing Fat

You may have heard the use of Botox for reducing wrinkles and fine lines, for migraine cure, on scalp for hair strength, or for reducing sweating. Have you ever heard that Botox can also reduce weight?? Don’t worry if you haven’t heard it as we are writing this blog to let you know this reality. The latest experiments reveal the fact that Botox is a solution to your stomach fat. How? Read on to know!

What Is Gastroparesis And What Are Causes?

Gastroparesis refers to a condition which affects the normal functioning of your stomach muscles. You got an interruption in the food moving to the small intestine and you get stomach bloating as a result. The activity of your stomach may slow down or stop working at all. In both conditions, you need to get a solution. Hence, you need to know the exact cause before finding a solution.

According to Mayo Clinic, most of the times, the exact cause of this problem isn’t known. Hence, medical tests should be administered to know the cause. If a damage caused to your nerve that controls the stomach muscles then the problem may occur.

Does Botox Really Work For Losing Fat?

This is a considerable question that you need to know before going for the treatment. Hence, various studies have been conducted to know the reality behind it. According to a research, the Botox can be helpful for obese people to lose their weight. The treatment works by blocking a key nerve that is named as Vagus. This nerve has the control over satiety and hunger.

The effectivity of the procedure is discussed in an article published in They say, ‘the Botox is useful as a start-up to induce the weight loss. However, the management is required through healthy modifications in lifestyle and balanced diet.’

It may be a problematic situation for the obese people when they need to eat less but the bad communication between their stomach and the brain evokes them to eat more. The hormone that stimulates appetite triggers the brain to eat more even after eating a specific amount of food. So, researchers have tried to find a way to manage this communication. After various researches, they come up with the Botox treatment. In which the Botox freezes the specific gland that controls hunger.

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