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How Gastric Botox Can Help Fight Body Fat?

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If you think that Botox is only used to serve cosmetic purposes, you’re mistaken.

Yes, latest medical research has added another very great benefit of Botox to its list. It has been found to aid in weight loss.

Hard to believe, no? Well, that’s how it is.

Being labeled as the Gastric Botox in Abu Dhabi and elsewhere in the world, this injectable is the latest breakthrough that can help many people overcome obesity and achieve their ideal body weight.

Let’s look at it in a bit of detail!

How does It Work?

Overweight individuals often suffer from delayed feelings of satiation. Their digestive tract doesn’t send the signals of feeling full to the brain on time, thus tricking the brain into believing they are still hungry. When the stomach fails to communicate with the brain effectively, the person eats more. This, along with the fact that the stomach of obese people passes food more quickly, results in an increase in blood sugar level and fat accumulation. This is a perfect recipe for weight gain.

When a Botox solution is injected into the stomach wall, it blocks a key nerve and reduces the speed at which food travels through the stomach. This makes the person feel full quickly than s/he usually would. The quicker a person feels full, the lesser s/he’ll eat. Reduced food consumption over a longer period of time eventually helps in shedding off a lot of extra fat accumulated in the body.

Does it Really Work?

A study was conducted on a group of 115 overweight individuals. Half of these people were administered a Gastric Botox while the other half were injected a dummy injection. Their weight was noted before the injection and consistently monitored after the injection. Those who were administered the real Botox injection were found to have lost significant amount of weight as compared to those who were injected the dummy.

Many other studies conducted on the Gastric Botox have found similar results. These results indicate that Gastric Botox does have the potential to fight obesity.

Risks & Side Effects

Botox has generally been found to be harmless, save for a few and rare side effects.

While injecting it into the stomach, the surgeon needs to be very careful with the amount and location of the solution that is injected. A slight error can lead to complications like muscle paralyses. An expert and experienced surgeon is your best chance to stay clear of such troubles.

Gastric Botox usually will have to be used only to supplement a healthy weight loss program. People who are administered this injection cannot just sit back to see excess fat disappear day by day. That won’t happen. You’ll have to get into a healthy routine and active lifestyle to benefit from Gastric Botox injection.

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