Botox Injections for Bladder Spasms

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Botox Injections for Bladder Spasms

When Botox was introduced, doctors and surgeons would only use it to cure facial wrinkles. The toxin had the power to paralyze facial muscles and give them their actual shape so that wrinkles disappear on the face.

However, medical science worked its way on Botox and now they have revealed that there are other things which this toxin can do. For instance, it was recently revealed that the FDA has approved Botox as a cure for migraine. This means that people who thought that their headaches are never going to go away and were suffering from chronic migraine, they can now get a Botox treatment done and their problems will be sorted out.

Moreover, there are other things which Botox can help with as well. Armpit sweating, facial wrinkles, headaches, neck aches and bladder spasms.

Botox and Bladder Spasms


Doctors mostly prescribe medicines when it comes to bladder spasms, but at times there are patients who suffer from this problem time and time again. For such people, Botox is the perfect solution.

Medicines that can sort out this problem include the likes of Detrol, Imipramine, etc. However, Botox is a drug that can sort this problem for a long period of time.

Studies have revealed that Botulinum – A toxin has shown that it can reduce all nerve-related bladder spasms not only in children, but also in adults. Once you use Botox and meet up with the right surgeons who know all about the drug, you can use this drug to help in releasing chemicals that aid in the expansion of muscles. This means that muscle contraction can be prevented through Botox.

The procedure is quite simple. It can directly be compared to the Botox process that is used for wrinkle reduction. Since you have to use reduce wrinkles on your face, you use Botox on your forehead, neck and chin. Similarly, when you have to use Botox for bladder spasms, the doctor will have to inject the drug directly in your bladder walls.

Three total injections are used in this process and it is absolutely painless. The only pain that you are going to feel is of the needle entering your body and coming out. No side effects have been observed so far.

However, when it comes to such problems and the usage of Botox, it is advised that you always consult a doctor or an expert who knows all about these problems. Botox in Dubai is offering free consultation to anyone who visits the place for the first time. Simply fill out the free consultation form below in order to meet up with our experts personally.

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