Bladder spasm
Botox Injections for Bladder Spasms
July 30, 2014
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Excessive Sweating Causes and Treatment
August 1, 2014

Botox to Remove Sweat Glands

There are certain people who have immense underarm sweating and they simply don’t like it. There is nothing wrong with sweating a lot and it is absolutely normal. This problem can be cured quite easily and there are several solutions to it.

Let’s take a look at different solutions to sweating problems:


The ‘first-line’ solution to your problem is a deodorant. You can use excessive deodorant on your body. It might not stop the sweat but you will smell good. Moreover, the sweat is going to take more time to come out as compared to the normal time it takes. This is going to aid you in controlling your body odour.


In case you have been sweating a lot lately, there is a chance that your doctor might prescribe you with a strong antiperspirant. This is going to help you serve your underarm sweating. They block sweat ducts and the amount of perspiration is reduced.

Botox Treatment

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Botox initially was being used to help people get rid of their facial wrinkles. But recently it is being used for several different purposes. It was recently revealed that Botox can also help in reducing sweat, migraine pain and bladder spasms. People are now using Botox for this purpose as the solution is quite simple and painless as well.

However, doctors claim that you should always consult them before opting for this treatment. They run a check through your system to see whether Botox is the right kind of solution for you and whether you should be taking it or not in the first place.

In the case of sweaty armpits, Botox is the simplest way of getting things done. The only pain you will go through is of the syringe entering your body, leaving the drug in your blood stream and coming out.

The overall process is not painful at all and several people have gone through it without any side effects. There is not a single case where the side effects have proven to be fatal, or even caused a difficulty for the person who has used Botox.

If you want to use Botox, it is advised that you must first consult a doctor or a dermatologist who already knows everything regarding the procedure. Botox in Dubai has answers to all your questions and the first consultation is for free as well. Simply fill out the free consultation form below and meet up with our experts to discuss your problem.

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