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A nip in time saves a tuck


Aging is a very natural and inevitable process, which you have to undergo eventually. Let’s face it that we cannot avoid aging process and we all are going to age at some stage. Skin changes and graying of the hair are the two most obvious signs of aging. While gray hairs can be easily camouflaged with hairs colors and dyes, there is no easy way to conceal wrinkled, sagging skin. Deep, etched wrinkles, coupled with sagging skin can only be fixed with surgical facelift. But you can avoid the surgery by undergoing minor preventive procedures as soon as you start noting aging symptoms. One procedure that has got dermatologists’ approval for preventing skin aging is Botox anti-aging treatment.

What’s causing wrinkles on your face?

One of the initial signs of aging is getting wrinkles on face and neck. This is because as you age your skin loses moisture and a fibrous protein called collagen, making it prone to sagginess and wrinkling. Another reason behind facial wrinkles is frequent muscle movement. While the former is a normal aging process, the latter can cause premature aging. For example people who are always smiling start developing visible laugh lines around mouth in their 30s, and those who frown frequently or squint a lot, end up with crow’s feet and frown lines.

This is the reason that as soon as you cross 40s you begin to develop creases, folds and sagging skin on the face, around the neck, on hands and other areas of the body. While men are usually not bothered by the appearance of lines and wrinkles on skin, women go crazy even after spotting a single crease or wrinkle on their face. If you also wish to avoid these aesthetically appealing physiological changes and wish to enjoy a wrinkle free appearance even in your late 50s, better go for the preventive cosmetic procedures.

Botox – a non-surgical way of wrinkle elimination:

The question how to get rid of wrinkles and creases has been around for over a couple of decades now, but getting the botox shots for preventing fine lines and wrinkles is quite new. An increasing number of young girls – in their late 20s and early 30s – are getting Botox injections for prevention of wrinkles. It has been seen that the effects of Botulinum in young girls and boys, who really don’t have any notable wrinkles, are more subtle and do not attract attention, and above all it effectively helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

The toxin works the same way as it does when used for wrinkle elimination. When injected, it relaxes the muscles for facial expressions, laughing, frowning, squinting etc. This helps prevent excessive muscle movement, thereby preventing wrinkle formation. It is a minimally invasive procedure that is virtually painless. The only discomfort associated with Botox administration is the needle prick, and even that can be eliminated by applying numbing cream to the treatment area about half an hour prior to the procedure. Results of the procedure are not permanent and you will have to visit the doctor’s office after every 12 to 14 weeks, for a re-injection.

So, now you just don’t need to wait for the aging process to peak before you get a surgical facelift to restore your youthful appearance. Start getting Botox shots today and stay young forever.

Free consultation:

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