Where in the Face Botox get usually injected

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Where in the Face Botox get usually injected

botox for face

According to an estimate, the Botox treatment is one of the most used procedures in the world. The trend of beauty is changed and everybody is in the race of beautiful and attractive appearance, and younger look. The procedure provides a number of benefits, however, mostly it is used to reduce the wrinkles and fine lines between the eyebrows and below eyes.

Knowing Your Muscles Is Important               

You need to know your muscles in order to decide which muscle you need to freeze to enhance your appearance and facial expressions. The area between your eyebrows is known as glabella. Before knowing the area where Botox is usually injected, it is essential to know the importance and functioning of some specific facial muscles. The corrugators refer to the muscles that are located between your eyebrows. Corrugators are sued to generate a fearful expression. In addition to it, vestigial muscles are used for making the scowling appearance that is used to make your enemies scared of you. Furthermore, these muscles are used to telegraph an upcoming attack. So, let’s consider that we don’t need these muscles as we want to indicate our happy, beautiful, and decent look. We don’t like to frown or we don’t like to provide angry expression to others all the time.

So, Botox is formed to make you get rid of these muscles that you don’t like in your face. Though, the Botox is injected into the facial muscles only. Also, the treatment is utilized to reduce the horizontal lines on your forehead that make you look older. For this purpose, the practitioner needs to inject Botox in the middle area of your forehead. In addition to it, the injections are used for elevating your eyebrows to enhance the symmetry of your face. Most of the people want to get treatment on their crow’s feet, bunny lines (sides of the nose), and dimpled chins.

Also, you may get the injections for removing the wrinkles on your lips or to lower your upper lip to make your smile more beautiful (if you have the gummy smile). Here, you need to know that you need to get the injections only from a highly-experienced practitioner. The 16 muscles around your mouth are linked to your smile and if the procedure is done wrong then you may seem that you had gone through a stroke. If injections are injected into a wrong muscle then it may cause speech issues and other related problems. If your surgeon is expert, then he may inject Botox in the neck area. If it is done correctly, then it can provide you the benefit of a neck lift for several years.

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