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Jaw Reduction using Botox

In this day and age, there are many cosmetic changes a person can go through due to the wide range of options available in this quickly developing field. The best results are often had by going through surgical procedures. Such changes are permanent in nature so one must carefully ponder before going under the knife.

Jaw reduction surgeries are common place. These are mostly done in women to give a more feminine look to their face. However, some men also undergo this surgery to achieve symmetry to the face. There are many people that prefer not to have surgical procedures. For such people, jaw reduction Botox is the best solution.

So what is it?

The lower part of the jaw can get square with age. This is due to the enlargement of the masseter muscle or the mandible which can be congenital or developed due to certain habits such as chewing gum, bruxism or clenching of teeth. Disorders such as acromegaly can also contribute in further worsening the condition.

Botox Treatment

Jaw reduction Botox treatment in dubai is similar to other Botox treatments. It is used with great effect in cases where masseter muscle is enlarged. Botox is injected into the muscle by a skilled health care professional. It is a normal procedure and there are no downtimes associated with it.

The Mechanism

Jaw reduction Botox has a fairly simple mechanism of work. Once the procedure has been done, it will take around a couple of weeks to show some change. The masseter muscle is reduced in size through atrophy. The changes are slow and almost unnoticeable due to their gradual nature. An occasional temporary paralysis of the muscles around the masseter can take place as a side effect in some cases.

The Results

The results of jaw reduction Botox are pretty amazing. The desired facial shape is acquired completely in a couple of months and the effectiveness of a single procedure can last up to a year with the best results had from the third to the ninth month of the treatment.

Come Visit Us

Come visit us at the Botox Clinic to learn more about the jaw reduction Botox treatment. Here you can learn all about the procedure and see if this is an option you want to go ahead with instead of surgery for your jaw reduction.

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