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How Much Botox Exactly Cost?

botox cost

If you want to enhance your look by getting cosmetic surgery then you must want to know the cost of the specific procedure prior to making a decision. Sometimes, you may not be confused in deciding whether you should get the treatment or not, but you get confused in deciding which procedure you want to get. Lots of options are available that you may get for improving your lifestyle. Botox is one of the most used treatments. The treatment is effective yet costly. The majority of people want to get Botox treatment due to its enormous benefits. Every year, almost more than 2 million injections are performed that makes it one of the most desiring treatment procedures. Now the query arises ‘what does it cost?’ Well, different aspects play their role in calculating the cost. It depends on the patient, practitioner’s fee, stage of treatment, and other factors. According to an estimate, the cost is $18 per unit. Proper examination is essential to know how many units are required. Read on to know about these aspects.

Botox cost in Dubai varies from person to person. Below are the reasons, why cost varies for every individual.

Practitioner’s Skills

Skills matter a lot while performing any treatment. It is important for you to find an expert, who has extensive experience and valuable reputation in the field. No doubt, it will be more expensive than getting the treatment from a practitioner with less expertise. But at the same time, it will be risky for you. Without any doubt, we have experienced and skilled practitioners but we cost less as compared to others as we want to provide you best experience.

Patient’s Requirements

Another factor that plays its role is your requirement. It matters on your desired results. After knowing your expected results, our surgeons will let you know about it.

Concentration Of The Botox

Some clinics use a pure form of Botox while some other use them in less concentration. So, if the purity level is less then they charge less but we provide pure Botox treatments to our patients. Dubai Cosmetic Surgery is another name of quality and trust.

First Stage Costs

You need to clarify regarding the cost of every session of Botox. The cost may vary on every stage, but it depends. You should clarify this aspect with your doctor.

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Here, at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, you will get the best experience not only for Botox treatment but all other cosmetic procedures. We are providing you special opportunity to get our consultation for free. In this consultation session, our experts will examine you, know the cause, tell you the exact procedure for your treatment, know your expected results, and tell you reality regarding results, and tell you the exact cost. After that, it will be easy for you to decide. Moreover, you can ask your queries in this session as clarity is essential to get best results. Even it is important for you to know risks and benefits of the Botox treatment in Abu Dhabi. Well, you need to fill the following form in order to schedule a consultation with us.

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