How Long Does Botox Last For Migraines?

FDA Approves Botox to Treat Chronic Migraines
August 3, 2014
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August 7, 2014

How Long Does Botox Last For Migraines?

Botox came out to be a blessing in disguise as it was recently approved by FDA to cure chronic migraines. This means that people who experience headaches more than 14 times during a month can now actually tone them down through a few injections on their face and neck.

The toxin was first introduced to help people get rid of their facial wrinkles. How? Well, the toxin that is inside the injection paralyzes the facial muscles and stretch them out perfectly so that your skin remains young and youthful. There are almost less to no side effects. The only thing people are mostly complaining about is eye drooping, which only occurs if the surgeon inserts the needle in the wrong area. However, even the eye drooping does not last for a long time.

The facial wrinkles are gone for up to 6 months, depending upon your age and the type of skin you have.

However, recently it was revealed that Botox can actually cure different things. The facial wrinkle problem is not the only thing that it solved. Botox can also sort out sweating issues. If you have sweaty armpits, Botox can cure them for you. And recently it was revealed that Botox is also a solution for chronic migraines.

Botox and Chronic Migraines


While many people are experiencing the problem of migraines and it directly effects their interaction with people and social life in general, there is no permanent solution to the problem. But Botox is something that is guaranteeing that it can tone down headaches and people who experience them more than 14 times during a month will now experience them for only 1 to 2 times during a month.

However, the question is whether this effect is going to wear off with the passage of time.

Well, like all other drugs, Botox does not give out a permanent solution. If you want to opt for Botox and you are a patient of chronic migraine, you need to come back to your doctor after every 12 months. You need to spend on Botox after a year so that you do not experience headaches throughout the next year.

Before you decide to opt for Botox as a solution to your migraine and headaches, it is advised that you must first consult a doctor. Botox in Dubai has all the experts that can guide you through the process and give you honest advice regarding your problem. Simply fill out the free consultation form below and meet up with our professionals personally for Botox treatment in Dubai.

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