3D imaging technique to show impact of Botox on wrinkles

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May 23, 2015
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July 4, 2015

3D imaging technique to show impact of Botox on wrinkles


One of the hottest crazes in Aesthetic Medicine nowadays is Botox anti-aging treatment. Despite positive response coming from users, a vast majority of people still suspects efficacy of Botulinum toxin in eliminating facial wrinkles. To answer the questions raised about the effectiveness of Botox treatment, scientists recently used the latest 3D imaging technique to explain the impact of injections on facial wrinkles and creases.

The experiment involves use of the 3D imaging technology – three dimensional speckle tracking photogrammetry – commonly used in the automobile industry to explain how the skin texture changes after Botox is administered. Initially white foundation and black speckle makeup was applied in the area around and between the eyebrows. Then Botox was administered as usual in this area, using a hair thin needle. Two weeks after the administration of Botox, movement of these black dots was tracked with help of digital camera. Scientist used heat maps to study any change in any change in the distance between the speckles.


In the imaging, the blue area between the eyes represents wrinkles before the treatment. Two weeks later, when the same areas were photographed, the blue area had been largely replaced by light green and yellow color. These new colors show significant reduction in skin compression, also known as wrinkles and creases.

“There is a growing body of evidence that injectable fillers for both cosmetic and reconstructive purposes can have significant psychological benefits,” said senior author Ivona Percec. “With more people turning to this procedure, it is important to have evidence-based ways of improving cosmetic and reconstructive surgical results.”

For all those who are not familiar with the term Botox or Botulinum toxin, it is a naturally occurring neurotoxin that has the ability to reduce muscle movement and relax the muscles responsible for formation of wrinkles and creases. Through the magic of Botox you can look years younger than your actual age, and that too in a matter of minutes. The beauty of Botox is that it affects only that particular area on body for which treatment is sought.

Botox Injection requires 24-72 hours to take effect. Some individuals may require as many as 7 days for full effects to be observed, but this is very rare. Effect of this anti-wrinkle injection lasts for 8 to 12 weeks (3 to 4 months). Usually patients begin to note gradual disappearance of the effects of Botulinum toxin by the end of 10th week.

One thing that you need to consider when getting Botox injection in dubai is the experience of the doctor. Be very careful when selecting a doctor to administer Botox as a slight slip of syringe can cause potential side effects. Make sure the physician you choose has at least 5 years of experience in Botox administration. Also the doctor should have comprehensive knowledge of the facial anatomy, as injecting Botox in the right muscle is essential.

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