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January 1, 2015
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February 10, 2015

Is Dysport Better Than BOTOX?

botox or dysport

botox or dysport

There are a number of non-surgical procedures for getting rid of unwanted wrinkles from the face that are available in this day and age. Botox remains to be the most loved option though some others such as Dysport are also making strides.

Recently there has been a debate in the aesthetics related circles on whether Dysport is better than Botox. Both FDA approved drugs have plenty of good points. In order to come to a conclusion, let’s take a closer look at both of them.


Both Dysport and Botox are very similar in nature and use the same mechanism of weakening the muscles in order to get rid of wrinkles and other cosmetic issues. Dysport has a lesser load of protein in comparison with Botox and it is believed that it can be more effective since this means that fewer antibodies will be formed once it is injected. Dysport also bring effects faster in comparison.

Spread of injection

Dypsort spreads more than Botox which can both cause advantages as well as disadvantages. It covers better due to the great spread but in areas such as eyes, its spread can affect areas that are not intended to receive the treatment. This can cause side effects to take place.

Quantity required

Due to the greater spread, the quantity required is somewhat lesser in Dysport. There was some confusion amongst the doctors in the start in getting the exact quantities right. However, with the passage of time and use of Dysport becoming wide spread, clinicians are now well at home.


Results are quite similar. Both are able to provide relief that they are intended for. Initially it was thought that Dypsort may be able to provide longer lasting results. However, some studies showed that Botox was effective for a longer period of time. Currently, they both seem to be more or less equally effective and for similar lengths of time.


The cost of both treatments is similar. Dysport is actually about a third of the price per unit of the Botox but it is also needed about three times more than Botox for providing with the same results. The cost factor thus counts for little in their overall comparison.

The Verdict

Both are excellent products and though Dysport is getting bigger, so is Botox at the same time. Selecting which one should be decided after consulting with a doctor. Calling Dysport better than Botox may be a little farfetched.

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