Botox Treatment for Neck Bands

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Botox Treatment for Neck Bands

Neck bands are fairly common around the world. The age causes the skin to sag and the up and down pattern can be seen on the neck. The neck muscles are no longer able to stay in their original position over a period of time. Even though it is very natural, it does not appear all too pleasing to the eye. While some people aren’t too bothered about their presence, others want their necks to look young.

There are many ways in which the problem can be treated and almost fixed completely. There are some surgical options available in this matter. Many people are not very willing to go under the knife to get this problem corrected. Botox for neck bands is the answer to their question. It is an ideal solution that provides excellent results while being noninvasive in nature.

What Causes Neck Bands?

Unlike other muscles in the body, the Platysma (neck muscles) are not permanently attached to bones and ligaments. Over a period of time, their own contracted pulls them forward from their original position. As a person ages further, the appearance gets stronger.

Botox Treatment for Neck Bands

Botox for neck bands is an ideal choice for people looking for a non-surgical options. The amount of pain in this procedure is very little and a person only feels a slight pinch when the specially designed needle is inserted. Unlike in surgery, there are no down times and the results are almost instant. In fact, you can simply walk in during your lunch break and be back to work after the procedure has been completed.

Small amounts of Botox are injected at various points of the neck in order to treat the neck bands. For the neck, the larger doses at one time do not work. Generally, 20 small doses are injected in a single session that lasts around 15 minutes.

In a few days, the neck bands start to disappear and the neck feels a lot smoother. It starts giving a much younger look to the neck within a week’s time. The effects generally can last up to four months after a single treatment.


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