Botox Could Be the New Pain Killer

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March 14, 2015
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March 28, 2015

Botox Could Be the New Pain Killer


Is lower back pain hindering your ability to perform your day to day tasks? Are you seeking a treatment that offers instant relief from chronic back pain? If your answer is yes, you have landed at the right place. We will tell you about a magical cure for lower back pain that you may not have heard before. But before unveiling the secret, let’s first have a look at what exactly is lower back pain.

Lower back pain is one of the top two reasons people visit doctors and is responsible forup to 40 percent of all missed work days, claims a latest study. However, the good news is that in most patients the pain goes away at its own within a few weeks withhome treatment. However, sometimes low back pain lasts for several months or comes back after few months.

Based on severity and recurrence, doctors divide lower back pain into two categories:

  • Acute back pain – It lasts for less than 3 months and most people get better with some basic self-care
  • Chronic back pain – It lasts for more than 3 months or recurs after every 6 or 12 months. Self-care rarely offers relief.

Basic self-care includes first aid, self-massage and using cold or hot packs. These basic self-care methods not only offer relief from lower back pain but also help prevent the problem from coming back.

Chronic lower back pain, on the other hand, usually needs more intensive treatment. That said, your attitude is also very important when it comes to treating chronic back pain. Most people fear that activity or movement may worsen the condition and thus stop exercising, walking or running. Rest is a common treatment and approach for back pain and it, indeed, does work. Sometimes people with chronic lower back pain do have to take rest, but people who don’t move at all do worse! You need to engage yourself in light workout sessions, but do not over exert yourself. Aerobic exercises are deemed to be best for people with back pain.

If nothing works and your back pain is getting worse day by day, then your doctor may recommend you some surgical treatment. But before going under the knife, consider getting Botox shots. Yes the same Botox that is used to eliminate facial wrinkles and crease also helps relieve chronic back pain.

Your clinician will inject a tiny amount of toxin directly into skin at 5 to 10 predetermined trigger points in the lower back using a fine needle. The toxin will work by reducing and at times even topping the muscle spasms by blocking the nerve signals from the central pain processing system to the back muscles.

Effects of this treatment are instant and last for 3 to 6 months, after which you will need a re-injection to maintain the effects of the treatment.

So, if you are really seeking a cure for lower back pain, visit your physician today and discuss with him whether you are a good candidate for getting Botox shots or not. For all those seeking lower back pain in Dubai, contact Botox Dubai now and say good bye to the pain. We also offer free online consultations for our esteemed clients from the United Arab Emirates as well as the entire Gulf region. To book an online consultation now, click here.

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