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February 4, 2015
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The best areas to get Botox


Botox is one of the most commonly used form of cosmetic treatments globally. The single most exciting aspect that the Botox treatments offer is that they are able to provide with fast results results after a procedure without the person having to undergo a surgery. Previously, similar results were only had when a person underwent a knife.

It can be used for a wide variety of treatments on the face in order to make it appear better. It achieves the task by simply weakening the muscle causing the cosmetic issue. The fact that it causes minimum discomfort adds to its liking. We shall look into some of the areas of the face that can be treated with Botox.


A number of eye related issues can be corrected with the help of Botox. On the top of the list are misaligned eyes, wrinkle around eyes and droopy eyelids. A single treatment can have effects that last for several months before it can be repeated. The number of units of Botox depend on individual cases. The effects of the treatment generally show up in a few days’ time.

Crow’s Feet

People tend to develop wrinkles on the outskirts of the eyes. These are generally caused by certain facial expressions including smiling. If the skin is not taken care of, these can show up as early as in the mid-twenties. Those who take care of their skin will develop them significantly late. They do make a person look much older than the actual age. Botox solves the issue with a single treatment for wrinkle around eyes as lines go away.

Forehead Lines

With age, a person naturally develops wrinkles on the forehead. Use of good moisturizing creams can delay these inevitable lines for a significant period of time. Once they do arrive, Botox can help smooth these lines pretty well. Once injected in the right amount, it takes a few days before the lines completely disappear. It can take as much as 10-14 days so it is best not to expect the change to take place instantly.

Furrowed Brow

Many men love the furrowed brow as it shows they have seen it all in life. However, at times it can make a person appear angry or older than the actual age. Furrowed brow can be treated with Botox without much trouble. A couple of treatments are year are generally enough for this problem.

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