Benefits of Vitamin E Oil for Skin

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Benefits of Vitamin E Oil for Skin

It was recently found that vitamin E oil has the power to heal; and that is why it is often used for skin and nail-care products. A recent study claims that anti-oxidants help in slowing down the aging process and vitamin E is considered to be a strong anti-oxidant. This oil can be found easily at your local drug stores. You will either find it in the form of powder or capsules. If you don’t want to use these capsules then use vegetable oil, nuts or seeds since they are also rich in vitamin E content.


Once you start aging, wrinkles appear on your skin. Bad eating and drinking habits lead to wrinkles and other poor skin problems. Vitamin E can turn out to be an effective ingredient for reduction of these wrinkles. You can also reduce the occurrence of newer wrinkles. Moreover, this oil will help you improve collagen count, something that helps in skin elasticity. It will also help in cell growth, which means that dead skin cells will be replaced by newer ones.

Night Treatment

This oil is also good for night skin treatment since it is too sticky to be used during the day. Apply a thick layer of this oil on your skin during the night and you can even fall asleep. This way you will fully utilize the oil’s moisturizing and anti-oxidant capabilities. You can also add up this oil with olive oil so your skin can retain moisture.


At times you fall, get burned, or go through surgical procedures which end up damaging your skin. This oil is perfect for sorting these problems out. This oil gets absorbed into the skin and blocks all free radicals that prevent healing under the skin layer. It also boosts the production of collagen (which has been mentioned above) and this will make your scar tissue better.

Brown Spots

Once you start aging, you will notice brown spots on your skin. This is due to liver issues and damage from free radicals. If you use vitamin E oil, you will be able to utilize its ability to block free radicals. Moreover, it is also effective in lightening these brown spots. You will end up making the skin wrinkle, scar, spot free and even smooth since you will be growing newer cells.


Vitamin E oil is an extremely good moisturizer as well. You can use it in order to treat dry cuticles. Simply use a few drops of this oil and apply them to the dry part of your cuticles. This way you will be protecting them from further damage.

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