Main Causes of Dark Circles Under your Eyes

Dark circles are a problem faced by many individuals these days. Since most of the people are busy with their everyday schedules, it gets hard for them to get a good night sleep which is quite essential for every individual. Since you hate your dark circles, you don’t have to bear them because they exist. However, your plan of action depends upon the type of dark circles you have under your eyes. Look into a mirror while you are under natural light and see whether you have brown circles or blue circles.

Causes and Treatments for Blue Circles

Blue Dark Circles


The basic cause of blue circles is the oxygenated blood which is pooled on your under-eye skin. Since the skin here is quite thin, the blood shows through. In the morning it is quite visible because we have been lying down horizontally for a long time. If you have blue circles right now, they will probably get worse with age.

OTC Treatment

There are quite a few options and they all work in different ways. However, their effects will probably last for a day or two. Certain creams have stimulating ingredients such as caffeine and they help you by boosting circulation in your body. Another option is to go for potent hydrators, that pump your skin away from the blood pool and the dark circles are not seen on your skin.

Professional Treatment

There are certain treatments which have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. The first option is to go for a cream that has prescription-strength retinoid. Blue circles can also be treated with the help of Thermage – a treatment that increases the production of collagen. This helps you build and tighten your skin.

Causes and Treatments for Brown Circles

Brown Circles


The basic causes of brown circles include hyper-pigmentation. This is triggered through eye rubbing, sun exposure or genetics.

OTC Treatment

Daily use of a cream or serum spiked with a skin brightener can lighten up the circles for up to four to six weeks. Opt for a lightener if you have sun spots and scars.

Professional Treatment

Dermatologists can easily lessen the effects of brown circles. For enhanced results they opt for lasers, which absolutely destroy pigment cells and help you even out your skin tone. This is done through a beam of light energy. Most of the brown circles lighten up after four to five visits to the dermatologist.

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