Botox versus Laser for Eye Wrinkles

Wrinkle Treatments for the Face
Wrinkle Treatments for the Face
October 12, 2012

Botox versus Laser for Eye Wrinkles

Laser Treatment vs Botox for Eye Wrinkles is minimally invasive. It is simply injections in the muscles directly under the skin, in order to relax or paralyze them. This reduces wrinkles by preventing the muscles from excessive movement, spasms or drawing that can make wrinkles appear in the skin.

These muscle induced wrinkles eventually cause permanent lines and wrinkles in the skin, somewhat like the creases created when you fold paper. The more it happens, the more the creases etch themselves into the skin, and the more permanent they become, in its simplest explanation prevents the muscles from causing any further damage to the skin, and it irons out the semi-permanent creases that may already be present.

Combine this, with a low incidence of side effects, the safety of repeating the as soon as the effects begin to fade, and the cost, as compare to laser s is minimal. Laser s can do the same job within reason, but the cost is far higher than , you encounter additional risk factors, and there is a whole new set of side effects to consider. Not to mention that you are not going to be getting laser on your lunch hour, and returning to work the same day.

There is also the risk of scarring and other serious side effects to consider. Laser can be an option for wrinkle removal. It has long had beneficial medical applications in many areas of . However, it is considered to be a minimally invasive consisting of an intense light, but simple injections into the muscles directly under the skin is far less invasive, and far less expensive.

It is advised that whenever you want to work on your eye wrinkles, you should always consult an expert or a doctor. Botox in Dubai is offering free consultation to everyone. Simply fill out the free consultation form that is given below. Fill out all the information and our experts will guide you through not only Botox but also laser surgery for eye wrinkles. You will get to hear both sides of the story and our experts will always advise what is the better option for you.

You don’t want any side effects on your skin or on your eyes and for that you need to consult an expert or a doctor so that they can guide you through the whole procedure and give you the perfect advice. This is what Botox in Dubai is offering to all its clients.

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